10 Big Stars From the '70s Who Went Wild

10 big stars from the '70s who went wild
… in “Paper Moon.” But the '70s star later confessed that her life has been plagued by drugs and abuse. … Rock star Leif Garrett was driving under the influence in 1979 when he crashed his car, paralyzing his best friend, who was in passengers seat … Read more on Fox News

Credit Illustration by Christian Gralingen
… intimidating eighth grader approached. (She and her friends looked like adults to me, and, as I soon discovered, they had adult problems, like pregnancy and .) … Chad looked like Leif Garrett, blond and reptilian. We took Muni to … Read more on New Yorker

“They killed Kenny!”: “South Park,” “Lost,” “Batman” and our modern sense of
We encounter heaven in works ranging from classics like Dante's “Paradiso” and Milton's “Paradise Lost” to contemporary novels such as C. S. Lewis's “The Last Battle” and Leif Enger's best seller “Peace Like a River.” We see it in the films “It's a … Read more on Salon

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