8 Signs You Should Try Acupuncture

8 Signs You Should Try Acupuncture
After devoting myself to acupuncture for three straight months, it's safe to say I'm an enthusiast — and that's coming from a cynical woman who once thought holistic treatments were a total sham. Even I couldn't deny that acupuncture was the only … Read more on Bustle

Join the raw evolution at detox and wellness center in Bodrum
You can find Turkey's first and only high-caliber detox center in Bodrum. First established there, it has now branched out to five other centers, including a new location on the beach in Türkbükü, centers in Istanbul and Antalya, their newest edition … Read more on Daily Sabah

12 Ways to Get Off Antidepressants Without Freaking Out
Too many people are caught in what he calls the antidepressant catch-22: restarting antidepressants or upping the dose, thinking they're when, in fact, they've become dependent on the drugs to suppress withdrawal reactions. Even … Read more on Everyday Health (blog)

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