A Good Pain Management Doctor in Phoenix, AZ?

Question by jewelsfn: A good pain management doctor in Phoenix, AZ?
I’m looking for a good pain management doctor in Phoenix, AZ. He/she needs to be the type who believes in giving prescriptions for narcotic pain med’s. Reason being, what is wrong with my spine cannot be corrected or fixed. I’ve done the physical therapy route, the epidural, etc. and nothing helps. I’ve already had 2 spine surgery’s and one reconstructive surgery. The reconstructive wasn’t to help with my pain but just to put me back together again after my first surgeon massively made mistakes and left me with a bunch of missing bone, etc.. I also have a lot of scar tissue impinging on nerve roots and Fibromyalgia to top things off. I take Oxycontin for pain. My current doctor isn’t really up to date with today’s technology and also is very negligent with my care. I see him every month and the actual appt. lasts only long enough for him to write out a new prescription. I don’t even have enough time to sit down. I’m not allowed to tell him of any of my problems and have ended up walking out the door with a broken elbow, new pain in other areas, and much more. I need a doctor who will actually listen and maybe run a test or two every few years. So please, if you know of a doctor who fits this profile, please be kind enough to share his name with me.

P.S. I don’t want any doctors who are against actually prescribing pain med’s. They may be great for others who don’t need them but not for those of us who do just to have some quality of life.

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Answer by ttpawpaw
There are actually a good number of Pain management clinics, and doctors in the Phoenix area. The tone of your question makes it sound as though you know better than the doctors. I admit that finding a good PM Doc who fits with you can be hard but keep looking. Family or Primary Docs are not trained in pain control. Who ever did the surgeries for you should have referred you to a clinic. You can do a search on “pain management doctor in Phoenix, AZ” and come up with a large starting point.

Just for your info I have been on total disability since 1998. I far surpass you in operations and procedures. My list is way too long to even list. My latest procedure is the “Intrathecal Pain Pump” made by Medtronics. There is a small pump, about the size of a hockey puck implanted in my abdomen and a catheter that runs to my spine. I have medicine (MS04) pumped directly into the spinal fluid (L3-4). The pump needs to be refilled about every 5 months. Prior to the pump I was on a dosage of 360 mg Oxy per day. I had been on morphine before that (1100mg per day). Since I had the pump implanted I only need 15mg Oxy about once every three days. It has been an absolute blessing to be able to almost stop the narcotics. Pills are not the only answer. If the PM doc doesn’t seem right, find another.pp

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