Adam Shankman Is in Rehab! Director & Hollywood Friend of Zac Efron & Cory

Adam Shankman Is In Rehab! Director & Hollywood Friend Of Zac Efron & Cory
… that he was brave enough to take the first step on the long road to recovery. We believe in you, Adam!!! [Image via WENN.] Tags: adam shankman, addiction zac efron, alcohol, choreographer, director, drugs, hairspray, producer, rehab, sad sad … Read more on

Rehab Racket: Clinics Recruit Group Home Residents to Fill Client Lists
That's why Thomas cherished the days when vans would pull up to take her and other residents to rehab. Thomas didn't go for the therapy. She said she's been drug-free for a couple of years. She went, she said, for a temporary escape … Read more on California Report

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