Aircycle – Improve Circulation and Mobility, Heal Diabetic Ulcers.


Aircycle – improve circulation and mobility, heal diabetic ulcers. – The Aircycle is an inflatable exerciser which enables you to easily and gently exercise your feet, legs, hands and shoulders from a sitting position without weight-bearing activity. Designed for those with restricted mobility, either as a result of health problems, travel or occupation. It offers an easy and convenient way for you to improve your circulation, leg strength, joint flexibility, mobility and to control pain – arthritic pain and joint and muscle aches and pains. The improved circulation helps to reduce swollen ankles, cramps and the chance of DVT (blood clots) occurring. It also hastens the healing of venous ulcers and other foot problems. The Aircycle is very helpful for anyone who is sitting for long periods such as older people, convalescent patients, long haul travellers and office workers. It can be a useful aid in rehabilitation for stroke patients, helping to regain the use of legs and arms. It is also an important self management tool for those with arthritis and diabetes. It keeps the blood circulating to the toes to help avoid narrowing of the blood vessels and loss of feeling which is a complication of diabetes and can sometimes lead to amputation.


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