Am I Wrong or Is the Movie Leaving Las Vegas Not a Good Example of a Way of Ending Your Life?

Question by Mia: Am I wrong or is the movie Leaving Las Vegas not a good example of a way of ending your life?
I have a friend who feels this movie shows the best way to end his life. He is 44 single and has had “issues” that have made him lose hope in anything good happening to him. I can’t bring him to see any other possibilities for good things happening to him. Any help out there?

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Answer by Jim G
I haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve lived a life that focused more on Alcohol, and drugs than anything else. I consider myself a ” low bottom” ,or chronic Alcoholic. Despair was a fact of my life until I sobered up. I too always thought I’d die drunk. Mostly because I had no concept of a life without alcohol. If this sounds like your friend. Tell him about this response. There is life after alcohol, and drugs. You just have to want it.

Answer by Audréy
No. That’s a terrible way to die. He just completely gives up and doesn’t even try to get better. Only a clinically depressed person would think that’s a good way to go.

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