i have no idea if this is just a teenage thing, or for real.
i’ve been consistently sad for the past year, and i just cant seem to get out of this funk.
i cry everyday, like today for example.
i was lying down, half asleep, then all of the sudden i gasped, and started to cry, and was breathing really heavily. i just started bawling, and i couldnt control myself. all of this was because i thought about all the homework i had.
this happens almost everyday. the moment i think about something im worrying about, i just break down. i cant even control it. i just feel hopless, and worthless, and i dont want to do anything. im passing up seeing new moon tomorrow at the 12:00 premiere because i simply dont feel up to it. i dont have any passion anymore.
i just want to stop this. i hate the feeling i get in my stomach, and in my heart when im so worried.
and im incredibly lonely. i used to LOVE being alone, but i cant stand it for one minute. the minute someone leaves me i break down..yet again. it sucks, because i dont want my family to think im needy, but i just need them by my side 24/7 now.

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Answer by Holly K
Sounds a lot like depression. Please talk to your parent(s.) A doctor’s appointment appears to be necessary. Your doctor can help you figure out how to handle it. Please ignore any suggestions that do not involve asking for help and a call to your doctor. Will power, positive thinking, and meditation are not enough to handle actual depression. Its important to take care of yourself. Talk to your parents. If that is not possible, try a school teacher or counselor. Asking for help is the first step in getting it. Good luck.

Answer by LadyP
I am in complete agreement with the other responder. You definitely need to speak to an adult about this as soon as possible. You are definitely suffering from some depression which can absolutely be managed. The faster you can get a hold on this and understand why it is happening then you will be able to start healing and getting a hold on this. You can definitely get out of this I promise you that.
Definitely do not take into any consideration any other comments that may give you other advice then seeking help from a responsible adult that you trust. This is the BEST course and really ONLY course to take.
Good Luck to you!

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