Anyone Familiar With Benefits Under Chapter 31 Vocational Rehab?

Question by TheMatador: Anyone familiar with benefits under Chapter 31 Vocational Rehab?
To clarify, I would like to know whether Chapter 30 benefits have to be used in conjunction with Chapter 31. Also, is getting the allowance for subsistance while you train automatic or do you have to qualify for it?

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Answer by thelightedtorch
If you get one, you don’t get the other. You have 4 total years. So if you use Ch. 30 for 2 years, you can get Voc Rehab for the remaining 2. Also, I’m pretty sure the subsistence allowance is automatic. Also you have to be disabled to use Voc Rehab. At least 30%, I think.

Answer by Joe Doc
Department of Veterans Affairs and the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service

The basic situation is that Voc Rehab (Ch 31) takes over and you get your schooling needs paid for and (your monthly compensation is unchanged) you receive a monthly allowance.

Simple but one is far better off using Voc Rehab. In most all situations.

I worked with the VA in the Voc and also was a
client. The VA covered my BA, MA, and Ph.D.

Be assured that once you are eligible and that is a determation via a psychologist and VRS regardless of your rating. One needs 10% disability rating to apply. Then you work out a goal, career pathway with your Voc Rehab Counselor.

However, I highly recommend that one sees a NSO at the Disabled American Veterans organization as to avoid difficulties.

Be certain in your career goal but never be certain that the VA will approve your ideas. Be certain that as long as you are in school, training the Voc Rehab guy will be watching your progress, trust me this drives some vets crazy.

It also is an issue of how disabled one is and why they require “rehabilitation” services. There also has to be a “reasonable expectation” that the veteran can complete the program.

Having a physical disability or emotional rating regardless of the % does not ensure anything. Getting the VA to agree for a post BA program is not that hard, getting a Ph.D. is well another story.

My area of expertese was spinal cord and head injury. I also saw many of the PTSD rated vets.

Any good NSO at the DAV can assist one with the process and help avoid any hassles.

Good luck

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