Appealing, Comfortable, Dignified Approach to Addiction Treatment in Virginia


Appealing, Comfortable, Dignified approach to Addiction Treatment in Virginia – The Gonzalez Recovery Residences (The GRR) Alexandria, Virginia Suburban Colonial Home drug rehab center provides alcohol rehabilitation services for drug ad…


JobCentre move strengthens role of Ealing Hub among ex-offenders
The Hub currently consists of London Probation Trust, substance misuse and rehabilitation agency Ealing RISE, housing partner Equinox and the Met Police. It provides immediate provides accommodation, drugs and alcohol support, offers benefits advice … Read more on Ealing Times

could be used to track HIV
… can be used to predict certain disease outbreaks such as influenza, said Young, who is also a member of UCLA Center for Behavioral and Addiction Medicine, the Center for HIV Identification, Prevention and Treatment Services and the UCLA AIDS Institute. Read more on Houston Chronicle (blog)

Vaccinating Addiction Away
Because promising new research suggests that treatment for a devastating drug addiction might come in the form of a vaccine. When hard-partying Mary Larson had her first snort of cocaine in the late '70s, she quickly became … So Larson checked … Read more on OZY

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