Are We Using Antidepressants to Paper Over the Cracks of a Fractured Society?

Are we using antidepressants to paper over the cracks of a fractured society?
For Darren Ellis, 40, life events and mental health have been similarly linked. Ellis lost his father at 16 and at the time was not offered any support. Ellis's depression and anxiety developed and he was prescribed medication after medication. None of … Read more on The Guardian

Perinatal depression estimated to cost 5 million a year if left untreated
Professor Pat McGorry, a former Australian of the year, says his work with mentally ill teenagers would be vastly reduced if was better identified and treated earlier. "Mental health is underfunded across the board so we've got to … Read more on Yahoo!7 News

When Feeling Depressed, I Watch Porn
Sister, the most important thing I can suggest to you is to seek mental health treatment where you live. Mental health treatment could be with anyone who is a psychologist, psychiatrist, or mental health specialist that is trained to treat depression … Read more on

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