At Home Physiotherapy?

Question by WARREN: At home physiotherapy?
I recently had severe tendonitis in both my shoulders. I waited four months to see a doctor …that was a mistake. I had physical examinations, ultrasounds, x-rays and an MRI done. I was given cortisone shots put on anti-inflammatories or two months and went to a deep pressure message therapist. I am 90% better than I was four months ago, but still have limit in both shoulders, especially to the back.

Are there any physiotherapy exercises that I can do myself at home? What about light dumb bell exercises? Would one of those Dr. Hoe muscle stimulators help?
Any on-line links would be appreciated.

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Answer by idd20001
Improving strength and muscle mass is good for you but your problem is primarily a mobility ROM (range of motion) one. Search for “shoulder ROM exercise” on the internet or, even better, see a qualified PT in addition to the MT. A PT could watch you and correct your positions while exercising. After that you should look for the cause of your problem, if it is a mechanical one due to muscle imbalance or inappropriate working conditions, or a rheumatic one and address that issue.

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