Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Surgery at NCH

Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Surgery at NCH
“For the knee, through a range of movement, we put the leg back to where it is supposed to be and measure through the whole range of movement, after which it is plotted on the computer.” Erin Raney is the nurse … “The surgery is definitely cutting … Read more on Naples Daily News

The 'GOT' Red Viper and Mountain Duel, and a History of Medieval Trial by
While contemporaries accepted the outcome as proof, the dead man's guilt has attracted debate ever since. The bulk of our … Fortunately, there are other accounts from the Middle Ages that give us real events against which to measure Martin's … Read more on Daily Beast

And the next State Senator will be …
First, I would support preventative measures, like education opportunities and job training for the most vulnerable populations as mentioned earlier. By connecting these populations with organizations like Got Your Six and First Star we can hopefully … Read more on Daily Press

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