Brain Damage During Stroke May Help Smokers Quit Smoking

Brain damage during stroke may help smokers quit smoking
They examined whether started smoking again after their stroke, as well as how strong their craving for a cigarette was during their stay in the hospital. An MRI and CT scans helped determine if the stroke occurred in the insular cortex … Read more on Bel Marra Health

These stroke victims are playing video games to cure their paralysis
He argues that patients need intense, aggressive and repetitive therapy right after a stroke, when the brain's ability to repair itself is primed and ready for action. Most stroke therapies today, including virtual … Properly applied, these small … Read more on Fusion

David Roland :My Eye Doctor's Good News
Six years after a stroke punched a hole in my brain, I continue to improve. One area of damage was in the visual processing part of my brain, the left occipital cortex. Since then, I've had an annual check-up with my ophthalmologist, Dr Mercer, who … Read more on Huffington Post UK

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