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When you begin searching for California drug rehab centers, either for yourself or someone close to you, the first thing that you are likely to hear is that recovering from addiction is a complex and often lengthy process, involving many steps. In other words, not something that can be accomplished overnight. Many people with alcohol and drug addictions describe their recovery process as ongoing, stating that they are not cured, per se, but rather, continually working toward freedom from their addictions. While alcohol may be legal, it is a very powerful and highly addictive drug, and admitting that you have a problem, the first step in overcoming and subsequently recovering from addiction, is not a sign of weakness, but rather, the sign of a mature acceptance of the situation. Denial is the most common obstacle to addiction recovery.

Another thing that you will likely hear from the California drug rehab centers that you call or visit is that addiction is a destroying exercise, both since most drug and alcohol abusers, as previously stated, will deny that they have a problem at all even when this problem creates substantial legal and personal troubles, and because, contrary to what addicts delude themselves into believing, it robs you of your free will. Addiction recovery is a healing exercise, accomplished best through counseling, therapy, and above all with time and understanding on the part of those close to the addict.

The stigma attached to any type of disease or addiction is often a stumbling block on the path to addiction recovery, but one that must be overcome. Individuals need to realize that it is the out of control abuser, who has alienated their family, gotten into excessive trouble with the law, and lost control of their own lives that is truly looked down on by society. Addicts, rather than being perceived as having a failing, are perceived as pro actively, rather than reactively tackling the issues surrounding their alcohol and substance abuse problems. These issues can be explored most effectively within a controlled group therapy and or as a component of California drug rehab centers, as part of an addiction recovery program.

Ultimately, it is the addict who must choose the path to addiction recovery, aided by the support of compassionate and caring individuals, and fortified by newly acquired self knowledge and self worth. Many people who begin but do not finish a drug and alcohol treatment program do so because of a perceived lack of support and a subsequent lack of motivation.

These reasons again, point to the benefits of an addiction recovery program within a controlled setting, ie California drug rehab centers. It is up to the addict to choose to obtain help, but the importance of a support group should not be downplayed when it comes to the myriad of issues and steps surrounding drug addiction recovery.

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