Can I Get My GED? I Need Help! I Been Trying for 2 Years Now?

Question by : Can I get my GED? I need help! I been trying for 2 years now?
I’m a special Ed student and been trying to get my GED.. and my GED teacher is starting to make me stupid.. is there anyway I can get my GED in an easier way? (I’m 19 and going back to is NOT an answer.. I will not go to there ever again.)

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For those with a learning or emotional disorder (or physical disability), one may get “reasonable accommodations”, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, for test-taking such as getting extra time on tests and/or a separate room for exams (usually with a proctor).

It seems as though you’re saying that your current GED teacher is making you feel “less than”. Perhaps you can find a different teacher or tutor to help study for the exam. The local community college or county vo-tech adult school may have a GED preparation program.

Perhaps the state “vocational rehabilitation” center may offer GED prep classes and other assistance, too.

This website has the state vocational rehabilitation centers for the U.S. –

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