Change Means California Prison Inmates Could Get More Sleep

Change means California prison inmates could get more sleep
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Some of California's most dangerous inmates could be getting more sleep under an agreement announced Thursday that requires guards to hold down the noise. Dozens of prisoners complained that they were being kept awake … Read more on

A sure cure for 'affluenza'
In 2013, Americans learned about a new epidemic — affluenza. As psychologist G. Dick Miller explained the phenomenon, children of wealthy parents are taught not the golden rule but “we have the gold, we make the rules.” The unsympathetic carrier of … Read more on Manteca Bulletin

Lawsuit over heads for trial
In spring 2014, the San Mateo County Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit amendment to allow the Stillheart Institute, a meditation and spiritual retreat center on Skyline Boulevard, to convert into a pricey rehabilitation facility … Read more on Half Moon Bay Review

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