Daily Astorian: Maritime Center Earns State Accolade

Daily Astorian: Maritime Center Earns State Accolade
The reinvention of the former Astoria Railroad Depot into the Barbey Maritime Center earned a statewide award. In a ceremony in Portland Wednesday, the building project along with six other historic rehabilitation projects around the state earned the … Read more on OPB News

Deer, cars make for bad mix in November
ODOT crews pick up roadkill animals and a few get salvaged and donated to centers. It is illegal in Oregon for people to salvage any part of roadkill animals, so most end up in ODOT "stockpile yards" as carrion for scavengers … Read more on Mail Tribune

Soul on Fire
He was sitting at one of the long plastic dining tables in the center of the Tuolumne City Incident Command Post, an impossibly busy firefighting base built in a park in the center of tiny Tuolumne City, on the edge of the Stanislaus National Forest in … Read more on VICE

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