Depression, Bi-Polar,Suicidal.?

Question by Jeremy: depression, bi-polar,suicidal.?
I haven’t been to any doctor to diagnose me but i know that i have all three conditions. I need to know if there is something else that i can do other than go to a doctor. my family has a psychiatrist that my sister and brother use alot, but i don’t want my parents to know i have any of these conditions. i hide it well around them and its not hard cause there are 4 children in my family and two are on medical drugs for anxiety and the other for anger. they dont have time for me and i need a suggestion.

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Answer by mike p
Hmm, well of course the doctor would be the best bet, if not try to find a blog site or something like it that talks about how to beat depression. I know that talks about it a lot, and how it relates to living life, maybe that will help. Good luck.

Answer by Artist Wanna Be
you want help but you don’t??? I don’t know what you want. in someways saying you are depressed and bipolar are dumb because part of bipolar is being depressed I have been told this by some people since they know me…. I have depression bi-polar and was very suicidial at times. I also have anxiety and borderline personailty disorder. I had to get help and it took me until I was almost out of college, and I had a break down. I was hospitalized. Do you want that, or do you want to get on the meds you need to keep you stable so that your parents wouldn’t know you are having problems like you say you have now. I am tired of break downs, and meds… but I have to keep going because of what I know I have to do with my life…. and that is to get better and to help others to get better too….

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