Question by kacie.laine: Depresstion?
What are some of the signs/ symptoms of depresstion? and how can you tell if you are depressed or if its just hormones or a “stage”
I think i spelt depression wrong LOL

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Answer by kittykat
some symptoms of depression are, loss of interest in daily activities, loss of interest in friends, or socializing, wanting to sleep all the time, or not at all, not eating well or eating too much .Thoughts of suicide, lack of concentration, low self esteem , wanting to just crawl into a hole and stay there.

If these things are present for more then two weeks it is usually a sign of depression.

Answer by countrygirl
some signs of depression are less or lack of interest in things you once enjoyed, feeling hopeless, sleeping problems, self-esteem drops, withdraw from people/family, also it can make you feel bad, an emptiness inside. there are so many different signs and symptoms of depression that it is just best to talk to your Dr. about the things you are going through. usually if it’s just a hormone/mood swing, it will pass in a day or two. check out, i find it helpful to research or look up a lot of things. i wish you the best and hope you are able to resolve your problems soon.

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