Do I Have to Be in Drug Counselling My Whole Life?

Question by Shabu Shabu: Do I have to be in Drug Counselling my whole life?
45 years ago my dad let me take a sip of his beer. About 8 years ago the government found out.

I have been in Court-Ordered and Narcotics Anonymous classes ever since. I’ve never tried drugs, and have not had beer since that incident in the 1960’s! I’m a coffee drinker and a book worm. Alcohol makes you stupid and I never drank it.

These classes are really annoying. I have to take 24 hours of classes a week. Three for each, three times a week, and half-time on weekends. Everything I do, I am accused of “relapsing” and getting put back in a hospital or jail! My “sponsor” is a crack-head and thinks anytime I do ANYTHING it’s because of my “addiction” or my “disease”.

A “disease” I got as a kid, that sadly, there is no cure for. No pill to cure.

I am also forced to do 2-4 prayers to Jesus at every meeting. Even though I am not Christian. I was told “Your higher power can be anything you want. Even an ashtray if you want, but Jesus is the highest Power!”

This is all really distressing me and my life to where I’m starting to seriously think about drinking! Will I have to take these classes forever?? Or can I somehow get my life back? Shouldn’t my dad be responsible for giving me alcohol? It’s not my fault! I don’t feel diseased. But they say that’s the denial of the illness talking….

Any advice? Thank you…

Best answer:

Answer by Mollie
Is this a joke? There is no place on earth the government would require someone to pray to Jesus.

Answer by D
Mollie, it’s no joke. Court programs routinely require people to attend AA/NA meetings, which are self-described “spiritual, not religious” despite being based on Christian ritual, prayer, and dogma.
Larger cities have been fought by enough attorneys that they automatically acquiesce on the issue.

When gently pushed on the issue, my little town allowed me secular alternatives.

Tiffany, I’ve been in a court ordered program, but my irresponsibility is what put me there. Man was I mad, and initially struggled in outrage over the matter. It only made matters more difficult.

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