Drew Barrymore Drug Abuse: Drew Barrymore Engagement Ring Style

When the beautiful lady, Drew Barrymore, decided to get engaged to sophisticated art consultant, Will Kopelman, everybody around the couple and on the globe was pretty sure that they would do it in style. Kopelman decided to do it in his own art style by gifting a colorless radiant-cut diamond weighing close to four carats standing on a band of diamond coveted band. This stunner ring was designed and conceptualized by Graff Diamonds, although it was Kopelan who selected it. The couple was holidaying in Sun Valley, Idaho, when Kopelman decided to gift his lady a pure piece of shining eternity. Barrymore’s D-colored radiant cut engagement ring churned a whole lot of ripple about the shape and cut, although this is not the first time a celebrated actress has sported a radiant cut diamond.

What’s so remarkable about radiant cut diamond rings?

The traditional concept of using round brilliant cut diamonds for engagements and weddings changed after our celebrities using other gemstones and diamond cuts on their unique days. If you adore the fiery shine and fire of the round cut but want something little different, the radiant cut can come to you as the perfect obvious choice. Conventionally, radiant cut diamonds look surprisingly similar to the emerald cut diamonds, thanks to its square/rectangular shape with cropped corners. But when it comes to brilliance, other rectangular and square cuts with trim lines can hardly match up. Taking a close look at Barrymore’s ring, one can easily check the beauty of the stone, which truly comes from its faceted cut. The radiant cut is a beautiful merge of the fire qualities of the round cut and the square look of the emerald cut.

The choice of radiant cut design

Drew Barrymore’s radiant cut diamond ring was placed on diamond coveted band in platinum.

As discussed earlier, the radiant cut is a beautiful combination of fire and shape and looks even more stunning when coupled with smaller accented diamonds. Barrymore’s ring had small diamonds on the band, which glorified the large four-carat radiant cut diamond. Needless to mention, the price of such a ring can be whopping in millions. Radiant cut diamond look sparkling and stunning in platinum, just like Barrymore’s, and with assorted settings, the beauty of the solitaire just doubles.

Buying radiant cut diamonds

There are many online stores where customers can buy radiant cut diamonds similar to the one adored by Barrymore. If you are tight on finance, you can opt to buy color I or G in a ‘good’ or ‘very good’ cut. The prices of radiant cut diamonds depend on the features and color. Colorless diamonds are obviously costlier than others. For those who prefer radiant cut diamonds in color, yellow and pink can be delectable choices. The natural inclusions in diamonds can be covered with color stones, and you can find suitable prices in your budget from online diamond stores. For those looking for colorless radiant cut diamonds, they must look diamond grading certificates from authentic laboratories.


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