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Drug in Colorado | Call 800-839-1682 For Questions – Drug Rehab Centers in Colorado – Call 800-839-1682 For Questions Been addicted to drugs? You might need our Drug Rehab Centers in Colorado to help you in sto…


Doctor tries to see it from the patient's perspective
"He tells me, 'When you can see knuckles, and nails and bones, then you will really be able to help me.' " It is a cornerstone of Ragins' therapy to always see things from the patient's perspective, especially what they need to recover. Patient-driven … Read more on Fresno Bee

A slow recovery after heroin overdose
Palazzi lives with his mother and stepfather in Taunton, where the U.S. "drug czar" R. Gil Kerlikowske spoke recently about the need to stop the number of fatal opiate overdoses, which have exceeded 185 statewide between November and February not … Read more on Capecodonline

Cherry Hill's Humble Beginnings will serve adult addicts in recovery
At 25, the Philadelphia resident is launching a new outpatient addiction treatment center this week in Cherry Hill. He points to his own recovery from high school substance abuse as his inspiration for the work. “The sad part is, it's getting to the … Read more on Cherry Hill Courier Post

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