DWI ..outpatient Treatment.. Losing License.. Advice?

Question by ?: DWI ..outpatient treatment.. losing license.. advice?
I received a DWI in June. I have started attending out patient treatment for alcohol ON MY OWN, wasn’t told to by anyone. Do you think the judge could possibly not suspend my license for 30 days and go ahead and let me have the hardship one for 60 that allows you to go to work and important things?? I need to be able to drive to keep going to the treatments.

Im in Missouri

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Answer by Kalishnakov
I think thats a good start. As long as you’re not an asshat, the judge will most likely grant you a permit to drive 5-6 days a week, between certain times. Mine was only good for work though, I dont know if they really care that you have “important things” to take care of. The way they see it, if your stuff was that important, you would not have jeapordized your privelidge to drive while buzzed in the first place… They know better than to fall for the old “I need to drive to go to my treatments” line. Thats what cabs are for. DUI’s are not a fun, happy thing to have to deal with. They are cumbersome, expensive and a real all around pain. And they need to stay that way. If they start cutting everyone a bunch of slack, it wouldn’t be such a big deal to get one. Mine was horrible. And I’m glad. I’m a better person for having gone through it. You’ll be fine!

Answer by oklatom
Depending on the judge, he may suspend your license but grant you a hardship license. If he does, it will be for going to and from work or school, and nothing else. You will have to get to treatment and your ‘important things’ on your own.

It’s great you have started treatment, but the judge has heard that before. Everyone in your situation knows to start treatment on your own because it will impress the judge. That isn’t to say you aren’t doing it for all the right reasons, it’s just merely telling you the truth of the situation.

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