Fighting Depression With Natural Remedies

Fighting Depression with Natural Remedies
Research-based techniques that fight depression naturally have emerged as a complement to drugs and talk therapy, for a truly integrated approach. Over the course of their lives, 10 to 15 percent of Americans will experience minor depression (and 21 … Read more on Living Green Magazine

Cures For Depression Don't Necessarily Have To Mean Pills
And it's this less severe condition that can be helped by some natural cures. "If I have a client with mild depression, who's feeling down, negative, or not sleeping, there are some things they can do that can make a difference and they won't need … Read more on Huffington Post Canada

Depression: Coming out of the happy closet
In 2002 and 2003, I, too, was suicidal, caught in a downward spiral of severe depression, anxiety and chronic pain that would not relent. I'd struggled with brief cyclical depression since high school, but this was something different. The symptoms … Read more on Rutland Herald


Homeopathic Medicine For Anxiety