Foundation Hopes to Fill a Void by Helping Autistic Young Adults

Foundation hopes to fill a void by helping autistic young adults
"But we do know without question that issues of and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are more common in autism- spectrum kids. There's also a potential link in regards to bipolar disorder." He said what makes this more … Read more on Chicago Tribune

Immune system may play crucial role in mental health
A growing body of research on conditions from bipolar disorder to schizophrenia to depression is starting to suggest a tighter link than was previously realized between ailments of the mind and body. Activation of the immune system seems to play a … Read more on Green Bay Press Gazette

Mom Forced to Undergo Sedated C-Section & Then Her Baby Is Taken Away
And from what it sounds, her bipolar disorder could have been controlled with medicine. Even if she couldn't take it during pregnancy, if there was some sort of issue, there should be alternatives. There was a High Court Order to allow the sedated c … Read more on The Stir


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