Free Trauma Counseling Available to Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

Free Trauma Counseling Available To Boston Marathon Bombing Victims
Rebecca Rosenblum is co-coordinator of the Boston Area Trauma Recovery Network, which is offering free treatment to survivors of the attack. When she spoke with … Is the idea here also that if you think you're doing OK because you're able to talk … Read more on WBUR

Monday: Heroin use on the rise in Tulsa County; small percentage of drug cases
Last year treatment centers in the county admitted 386 patients who reported heroin and other opiates as their drug of choice compared to 194 users in 2007, according to the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and services. Read more on Tulsa World

Unapproved Minutes…
Mr. Lehner moved to approve the Renewal of the Annual Lock Repair and Maintenance for the Detention Center to Integrity Steel Works, one visit per year for FYs 14-16, at a cost of $ 5210/year, Mr. Colling seconded, motion carried. Mr. Brown moved to … Read more on Douglas Budget


Drug Rehabilitation Centers | Drug Rehab for Women | Drug Rehabilitation Centers – Los Angeles Rehabilitation Centers treatment centers help you get you life back. Alcohol Treatment Centers help people in getting…


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