Geriatric Physical Therapy Exercises: Physical Therapy Knee Exercises

Of all orthopedic problems, knee pain is probably the most common. While the causes for knee pain are many, strengthening the knee muscles through proper exercise is one of the most effective ways to protect them from pain and injury. Physical therapy knee exercises recommended by a qualified and experienced physical therapist can help restore physical strength and motion following a knee surgery or injury. These exercises help reduce recovery time and maintain proper stability of the joint. Besides patients recovering from knee surgery, sportsmen, senior citizens, physically challenged individuals and others who are prone to injury of the knees benefit greatly from these exercises.

Exercise Programs to Condition the Knees

The knees bear the weight of the upper and lower half of the body in a proportionate manner. An injury to one of the knee can cause a serious setback as the person would need to depend on the other knee for balance and support. This would put more stress and strain on the joint. Physical therapy exercise programs condition the knees and allow the joints to function properly and without any impediment.

Physical Therapy Exercises for the Knees

These exercises are recommended:

• After a minor and major knee surgery
• Injury to cartilage and ligaments
• Patellar tendonitis, meniscal tears
• Chronic knee ailment such as arthritis

There are specific types of physical therapy exercises that can be performed to strengthen the knee muscles and prevent injuries from recurring in the region. The key components of a knee physical therapy program are motion exercises and strengthening exercises.

Depending upon the extent of the patient’s injury, physical therapists make certain exercises a crucial part of the customized rehabilitation program.

Benefits of Knee Exercises

• Reduces knee pain and discomfort
• Decreases stiffness
• Makes the joint flexible
• Strengthens the surrounding muscles
• Increases mobility of the knee and endurance level
• Minimizes the impact of shock, stress, and wear and tear

Though the exercises may be simple, it is imperative that they be performed under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist.

If performed incorrectly, too early or too often, these exercises may result in further injury to the knee joint.

Knee conditions that are not properly diagnosed and treated can cause many complications. In most cases, people who choose to ignore pain, end up with inflammation of the joint and even a limp. So seeking timely medical help is important.

Approach a Reliable Center

If you have a knee problem, pain or injury, approach a pain management center. The orthopedist would most likely refer you to a physiotherapist for a physical therapy knee exercise program that can help you improve strength, endurance and motion.

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