Glassboro Man Sees Prison Sentence Upheld for Drug Court Violations

Glassboro man sees prison sentence upheld for drug court violations
Glassboro man sees prison sentence upheld for drug court violations. Print … Enos added that Mason had actually served little time in state prison because he was credited for time in rehab centers and in county jail on probation violations … Read more on

I'd seen dementia's toll on my patients. Now I was watching the disease
I had urged my mother-in-law to seek care early, which she had done, so she knew her options included activities to stay socially engaged, medication to slow the illness and possibly experimental treatment. But on a personal level, I was worried about … Read more on Washington Post

Monday: Heroin use on the rise in Tulsa County; small percentage of drug cases
Last year treatment centers in the county admitted 386 patients who reported heroin and other opiates as their drug of choice compared to 194 users in 2007, according to the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse services. Read more on

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