How Can I Make My Hair Grow Faster?

Question by Nichole: How can I make my hair grow faster?
I went to get a trim last night and instead of cutting off 1 inch she cut off 4 :/ I take Vitamins and i’m pretty good with my hair for the most part. But i’m not liking this whole “Short Hair” going on. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Elizabeth
I’ve hear of this one olive oil treatment. Buy some olive oil. Put some on your fingers and rub it in every inch of your scalp. Hold your head upside down (hair hanging over face) for 4 minutes. Take a shower and use shampoo only to get oil out. Repeat everyday for about a week. It’s supposed to get the dead skin out of your scalp, thus making your hair grow about 3 inches in only a week!

Answer by D
I was told once that hair grows faster in the summer. I don’t know why that is. get outside more. I know that probably wont help much but…

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