How Can We Have a ” WAR on Drugs”?

Question by : how can we have a ” WAR on drugs”?
I dont get it, alot of Americans use drugs both legally and illegally and are not going to stop so were technically having a war with are selves …. is the war on drugs still the mentality of the usa? America approached it in a bad way and is still not doing anything not even a dent to actually solve the problem and HELP drug addicts putting them in prison for personal use of drugs is wrong why cant they make rehab more of an option instead of prison and also how do you think the U.S could solve the drug problem ??

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Answer by Doctor X
Several decades ago, there was a “war on alcohol” called “prohibition”

That didn’t work out to well either, so they re-legalized alcohol.

Perhaps one day they will get smart and re-legalize the other herbal drugs too.

The one thing we need a war on, is prescription drugs which are killing more people than the illegal drugs and alcohol combined.

Iatrogenic Illness is the leading cause of death in the USA.

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