How Can You Forget About Your Shoplifting Record?

Question by : How can you forget about your shoplifting record?
my friend shoplifted a couple of weeks ago. she felt guilty and scared because she knows it was the wrong thing to do. she did learn her lesson but weeks later, she still feels guilty and sad. she tells me that at night, she gets thoughts about that time. she feels hurt at the picture of her parents disappointed in her. she’s only 15 but the guilt and memory just won’t leave her alone. i believe that if she continues like this, she’ll go into depression. she cries every night but just doesn’t let her family know about it. what should she do to make this stop?

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Answer by Patches O’Houlihan
Action, consequences. Tell her to see a shrink if she can’t get a grip that she’s a criminal.

Answer by Chuckie O
Her remorse is probably beneficial. It means she has a conscious and is not a sociopath.

Depression is treatable. Some depression is normal, but if she feels excessively depressed, she should see a doctor, if it seems dangerous.

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