How Do I Get My Doc to Prescribe a Benzo?

Question by K11: How do i get my doc to prescribe a benzo?
all she gave me for my anxiety was a freakin pill called atarax which does nothing but make me dizzy, and she doesnt get it.

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Answer by pujalix
benzos will not treat your anxiety, it will only make you deendent on it. she must have given you atarax-hydroxizine – for sleep. a good old remedy that doesnt cause dependence or tolerance. If its making you dizzy, oyu must be taking it in the day.

Ask her to refer to a CBT therapist for anxiety.

Answer by Jerbson
If you have panic attack they will give you a benzo. Probably Klonipin. You wouldn’t want to take a benzo just for anxity. It works but it’s not good to take them everyday. They are very addictive and don’t work well over a long period.

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