I Am an AA Heretic Looking for Deprogramming, Where Should I Go/what Should I Do?

Question by Lee: I am an AA heretic looking for deprogramming, where should I go/what should I do?
I told many of my AA “friends” as well as my sponsor that I have decided to leave the “program” as I find it ineffective and cult-like. For the past two months I have lived exactly the opposite lifestyle that AA teaches (minus the drinking, but alcohol was never my problem, I was a drug addict, there was just no NA in my area). As such, I have been labeled as something of a heretic. Everyone in the recovery community views me as incredibly stupid and dangerous. I dont care. Theyre all bat shit crazy the way I see it. Anyway, I want to get all of this AA nonsense out of my head, and though I dont want to drugs, I would like to “socially” drink, and I have confidence that I can learn to do this. Were should I go or what should I do to deprogram myself from all this ridiculousness and learn to drink responsibly? To people who believe in AA, please refrain from offering one of your mindless slogans or any “God given wisdom” you think you may have. You zealots are 10 times crazier and more “dangerous” than I am.

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Answer by FreeSpirit
First, congratulations on being free. Whether you participate with AA or go it alone, it is still a rough road. A suggestion is to try and find something constructive (a term that is relative to the reader) to do with your time. This could include anything, such as continuing school. The great thing about school is that you can find many people in a wide variety of clubs or organizations (such a math clubs, science clubs, religious organizations, chess clubs, music clubs or bands). And of course, there will be some social drinking if you find. While AA is an admirable organization, there are literally hundreds or thousands of other possibilities. However it turns out, Best of luck to you.

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