I Don’t Know What to Do About My OCD Fear Please Help?

Question by hooya: I don’t know what to do about my OCD fear please help?
I think there’s a possibility that I might have OCD – I have to do things in threes or nines ( because 9 is 3×3 ) or I worry that something bad will happen to either myself, or my loved ones – I do things like checking plugs 3 times everyday, flicking light switches, if I scratch my arm or something I have to do it either 3 or 9 times, i can’t stand my rug being all messy and have to keep it straight, and I have to check everything is in my bag all the time/or check if ive left anything behind anywhere. There are lots of other weird quirks I feel I have to do, but there’s too many to list here.

My problem is, I’m not sure whether I should tell anyone about this, am I just overreacting about it? should I just leave it? or is it serious? I don’t really know whether I should talk to anyone about it, because I don’t think anyone will take me seriously – I had an incident a few months ago where I told my boyfriend, and my mother that I thought i was bipolar – my bf didn’t know what to say and hasn’t mentioned it to me again, and my mother got angry and told me i just thought of it because of stacey on eastenders, which is completely ridiculous, and not true. Do you think i should keep this to myself? I’m so confused, and I still have no idea what to do about the whole bipolar thing – its still not sorted! should I just keep these two problems to myself? I dont know if its worth worrying anyone about it or not…

Please help, I’m desperate
Thanks in advance
I’m not saying I definately am bipolar, I just think there is a possibilty because from what I can see, I have the symptoms.

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Answer by Pink Floyd
You need to seek professional help.

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Answer by addy
You should talk to someone professional about it. Bring it up with your doctor and get counseling to manage it.

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