I Have a Real Big Problem With Cutting?

Question by Jessi P: I have a real big problem with cutting?
im 12 and i have ben cutting my wrists for 3 years last year my mom found out so i started cutting my upper arm and legs. she saw my legs at the beginning of the summer and i did not cut until 2 days ago
i cant stop
it makes me feel better
i want to stop tho
and my parents are no help
im scared plz help me
and my school is so smal there is no countsler

Best answer:

Answer by Tara
If you have a counsler of something at school maybe ask them ??

Answer by Laura
i’m in the same position as you. I have cut for a number of years. Try melting an icecube on your skin so it doesn’t damage but the pain is still there. Or snapping an elastic band against your wrist.
hope this helped, good luck in over coming this addiction.

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the help line – this so answering machine oh boy.


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