I Have to Write a Paper, “What Are Some Causes and Effects of Teenage Drug and Alcohol Abuse?”?

Question by mzduncan1999: I have to write a paper, “What are some causes and effects of teenage ?”?
I would appreciate any ideas or comments. This paper is for one of my college classes and some outside imput would br great.

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Answer by QueenBean
Bored, unsupervised children without a developed sense of imagination. Having no choice they follow others down a path of ridiculously obvious pitfalls. Also television and movies make this pathetic option for a life style seem entertaining and financially lucrative. How deceptive the entertainment media is!

Answer by firefingers100
Be sure to cover the following topics: Substitute for love (usually due to abuse), source of rebellion, following the examples of parents, peer pressure, depression, anger, and false hope are all causes to be considered. Out of the ones that you do use, be sure to put them in a specific type of order (to give your paper some structure). As for effect, you should correlate these to the causes. For example: If you use abuse as a cause, tell how the effect of drugs and alcohol would make their life even worse. End with an imperative, or a call to action. How these problems must be stopped. Good luck with your paper.

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