I Was in a Car Accident a Few Weeks Ago in Which the SUV Rolled. Should I Be Checked Out by a Chiropractor?

Question by rheuertz: I was in a car accident a few weeks ago in which the SUV rolled. Should I be checked out by a chiropractor?
My mother’s chiropractor recommended that I get checked out by a chiropractor to see if there was any whiplash or any soft tissue injuries that resulted from the accident. He said that in such an accident that most likely something(s) could have been jolted out of place. He also said that it is rare for him to see anyone who has been through such an accident to not have severe headaches as a result anywhere from a few months to a year later.

Should I go to a chiropractor to get whatever may be out of place straightened out or wait and see what happens?
I was taken to the ER at the nearest hospital immediately afterwards and checked for internal injuries – all X-rays and CT scans came back negative. I’ve heard, though, that the equipment they use doesn’t look for soft tissue injuries, and that such injuries can take some time to show up.

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Answer by Tatnic
I personally wouldn’t waste a minute going to a chiropractor. If you hit your head you should get a scan done, if not then unless you are in pain don’t worry about it. Chiro’s in my opinion are some of the biggest quacks out there….why on earth insurance companies reimburse them is beyond me.

no doc here….just heard of many instances where even a little bump on the head can create problems…brain swelling, hemmoraging, etc. If you hit your head get it checked.

Answer by Rodolfo V.
You should have gone to the emergency room immediately. Since you didn’t I suggest that you get a copy of the accident report(if on was filed) and see your physician for a check up. He may then refer you to an orthopedic physician if needed. Whomever owned the vehicle is responsible for the costs of both visits and you should see that you are taken care of properly. Worst case scenario is using an attorney to get things taken care of in a timely manner. I do not recommend going to a chiropractor because they often refer to orthopedic surgeons.If you are in an accident your first obligation is to make sure you are not injured as soon as possible. You could have an injury that might not manifest itself till later.

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