I’m 25, Healthy, Within My Healthy Weight Range for My Height but I Have High Blood Pressure?

Question by : I’m 25, healthy, within my healthy weight range for my height but I have high ?
Hey all,

Question from a confused “high blood pressure patient”

I’m 25, healthy, 175cm tall and weigh about 72kgs (which is inside my healthy weight range of 58~77kg – albeit a little close to the top)

I’m taking a 24 hour blood pressure monitor right now because I failed a previous blood pressure test for my entrance into the Air Force.

Now, admittedly I’m a bit nervous as this test could be the one thing that fails me – no other ailments.

I don’t smoke, drink may one or two cans of beer every other day (did not drink for the past 3 days though), I exercise most of the week for at least an hour… and yet today I’ve had this BP monitor thing on for about 5 hours now and I’m still showing as high blood pressure (140/90+) for about two thirds of the measurements. Basically, I’m bouncing on and off the scale. I spent most of the day working in front of a computer because I have a presentation due tomorrow for my job.

What could be wrong with me OR more importantly, WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT?

I have to try and achieve the “normal range” of 120/80

Assuming I can’t take meds (military probably won’t allow that), I would assume I would need to change my diet (which admittedly could be a bit salty but I’m not a huge fan of salty foods either) or exercise MORE – HOW LONG WOULD IT TAKE TO GO FROM 140 TO 120? Can it be done within a month? (That’s all the time that I have)

Thanks for your help!

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Answer by ??????? LIL BEAR ???????
Before going to get the test taken, relax as much as you can. Don’t exercise that day. Don’t eat too soon before it. Stay away from sugar and fatty foods for a week. Do everything you can to keep your blood pressure down. If you still fail, don’t give up. Ask if there’s anything else you can do or another branch you can join.

Answer by Danielle
Its not something you can control like your breathing, you may just have a high blood pressure due to you being on this machine and worrying about it which is perfectly normal.You need to try and relax, most factors can increase your blood pressure like eating and drinking, anything that needs a good blood supply really so just chill out with a film or something and don’t worry, because it will show up. Also eat more greens and add an extra day to your exercise regime and see if that helps.

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