I’m in My 40s; How Come Everyone My Age Seems to Have Problems “handling” Alcohol?

Question by lina inverse: I’m in my 40s; how come everyone my age seems to have problems “handling” alcohol?
When I was younger, I had very good tolerance of alcohol, but now everyone my age (including myself) seem to get really affected by alcohol both during and after having a few. I’ve pretty much quit, but I always wondered “what happened?” that I can’t enjoy a margarita anymore without getting really stupid, and feeling like crap the next day.

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Answer by ghost
Wear and tear on the body. My real mom died at 51 due to liver problems. This is a good indication that you need to not drink.

Answer by holey moley
I’m 50, and I handle alcohol just fine. Because I no longer wish to be drunk, I limit myself to 2 or 3 drinks.

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