Inositol: The Non-Essential Essential Nutrient


Inositol: The Non-Essential Essential Nutrient – Inositol participates in the activity of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, which are known valuable effects in combating Read more at htt…


Statins are cheap and effective way of avoiding 10000 heart attacks and
As for studies which appear to link statins to other illnesses and conditions, including memory loss, depression and even cancer, these are not nearly as trustworthy as the trials demonstrating the benefits of statins. We should certainly not give … Read more on Daily Mail

Local plant provides novel ulcer treat
Bark extracts of Kigelia africana is reported to be useful in the treatment of malaria, cancer, venereal diseases, wounds, renal ailments, eczema, depression, body weakness and impetigo. It is traditionally used for its effectiveness in improving the … Read more on Nigerian Tribune

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