Is America’s “Drug Problem” an Actual Problem of Its Own, or a Symptom of Society Being Screwed Up?

Question by ??? CuddleFox ???: Is America’s “drug problem” an actual problem of its own, or a symptom of society being screwed up?

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Answer by TRG
I think it’s both. The “” is utter non-sense with political motivations behind it. People abusing drugs to the point of rehab is a result of society being screwed up. But society’s always been screwed up anyways, that’s really nothing new. In fact, it’s probably even wrong to say society is screwed up, partly because too many expect society to be a utopia. It can’t be though. There will always be abusers and users, people who make right decisions and wrong decisions, and then those who claim the right decisions are wrong decisions, and so on and so fourth.

So I think a lot of Americans do more harm than good to society by expecting some sort of rigid utopian paradise that isn’t attainable. The “War on Drugs” is a result of that mindset … imho.

Answer by obsidian
In BBC’s documentary “Is alcohol worse than ecstasy?” some guy said “The illegality of drugs makes them dangerous”. I agree, but it’s also both. Just look at ethanol. The issues start to appear once people abuse the drug and lose self-control. I used to drink as a teenager. I needed proper psychiatric help instead of this dangerous drug, but since most of the society is so ignorant and can’t see that the child is suffering, then it’s no wonder kids are so troubled. But luckily I quit without rehab.

I don’t think drugs would be a problem, if people would know how to control themselves. I like to have a glass of Irish cream, but I have full control not to gulp down the whole bottle – therefore prohibition isn’t needed for people like me.

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