Is There a Such Thing as Severe Dysthymia?

Question by Bowiemod: is there a such thing as severe dysthymia?

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Answer by Irene K
dysthymia, isn’t that you have the symptoms of depression, only less severe but for a longer time? maybe its ? ask your doctor if you are worried.

Answer by Joe the Destroyer
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“Severe Dysthymia also known as Double Depression has the same symptoms as Depression except that it tends to last longer and can reoccur. Dysthymia according to Merck’s manual is:-

“In dysthymic disorder, depressive symptoms typically begin insidiously in childhood or adolescence and pursue an intermittent or low-grade course over many years or decades; major depressive episodes may complicate it (double depression). In pure dysthymia, depressive manifestations occur at a subthreshold level and overlap considerably with those of a depressive temperament: habitually gloomy, pessimistic, humorless, or incapable of fun; passive and lethargic; introverted; skeptical, hypercritical, or complaining; self-critical, self-reproaching, and self-derogatory; and preoccupied with inadequacy, failure, and negative events.”

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