Is There Anything I Can Do for My Friend With Seizures and Maybe Ptsd?

Question by As it should be: Is there anything I can do for my friend with seizures and maybe ptsd?
I’ve only known her a month maybe, I know she has bad seizures sometimes, she says, I think I witnessed a petit mal in Carls Jr. at first I thought it was a panic attack but after she just stared blankly ahead for a few minutes at the drink bar until she finally sat down with me and was shaking a little. Her ex husband messed with her mind, I asked and she said he threw rocks at her sometimes. Oh, she had meningitis as a kid, that’s why she’s messed up too. I know anxiety, I’m diagnozed schizo affective with bipolar my medicine is working.

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Answer by jannsody
That’s great that your medicine is working! Please remember to keep taking it as the doctor recommends even when feeling better. (Just a word to the wise to be very careful and not provide personal info via message boards or chatrooms as no one knows who is behind the monitor :) I’m not sure if your friend has been diagnosed and/or prescribed medication for the seizures. That may be a factor with the seizures and not everyone may respond to the same type of medication. Regarding the ptsd, hopefully your friend is in therapy to deal with the situation(s) that may have led to the post traumatic stress.

This page by (albeit not for school or professional research) provides tips on “how to help a person with ptsd” though NOT in place of professional counseling)

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America has more information about ptsd though not for self-diagnosis or self-treatment: and then can click “ptsd” and then “treatment” on the left-hand side of the page or such.

Answer by Mister_T07
Has she plenty of money if not there is little you can do as our society is only after Money the Greed has taken over the World

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