More Stroke Patients May Benefit From Clot-Busting Drugs

More May Benefit from Clot-Busting Drugs
Current recommendations for the treatment of acute stroke limit the use of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), a clot-busting drug, to within three hours after the start of stroke symptoms. Although prior research has demonstrated a benefit of tPA if … Read more on Telemanagement

Malpractice Payouts to U.S. Veterans Reach 12-Year High
“The rapid rise in malpractice judgments against VA mirrors the emerging pattern of preventable veteran deaths and other patient safety issues at VA hospitals,” said Representative Jeff Miller, a Florida Republican and chairman of the House veterans … Read more on Bloomberg


Stroke victims getting younger now aged 55 – In the UK, about 150000 people suffer a stroke every year – which translates to on average of one person every five minutes. And research published in the …


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