My Husband Wants a Divorce! What Should I Do?

Question by inorevol: my husband wants a divorce! what should i do?
my husband said he wants out of this marriage. we’ve been married for 4 years, even though we have big and small arguments from time to time i have no idea that he wasn’t happy in these 4 years until today. so i throw out ideas on how to fix our relationship, like go to church because we haven’t gone to church for a long time. we just stopped going a few months after we got married. i’m a christian and he is too but now he says he doesn’t believe in God anymore because all of the pastors out there are “fake”. i also suggested other stuff that we can do together to help us rebuilt our relationship but he kept saying it’s not going to work. i asked “what about counseling?” he said it’s all mind games and counselings don’t work. he also said that he doesn’t know what will make him happy, he doesn’t know what he or i should do. seems like he’s not gonna try at all. i don’t believe in divorce unless i’m in an abusive relationship. otherwise i think my husband and i should work things out. is there any idea that could make him try to work things out with me? i’m so torn right now. i just don’t understand why he kept it for this long until now. every time when i’m not happy about something i will tell him and let him know. please help me!!!! i really want to save our marriage.
i don’t want a divoice, why should i call a lawyer???? i want to save this marriage!!!

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Answer by Spydr
Contact a lawyer.

Answer by Jordan M
Why don’t you suggest a trial separation? Sometimes, this makes the person realize how much he needs you….

But if he doesn’t want to be married to you anymore, there really is not much you can do. You offered the ‘regular’ options like church and counseling and he rejected them.

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