New Stroke Treatment: Astrocytes Protect Brain Tissue

New Stroke Treatment: Astrocytes Protect Brain Tissue
A stroke occurs when blood flow to your brain is cut off. The key to making the best stroke recovery as possible is fast treatment, and researchers have found a potential new way to treat the aftereffects of stroke. Read more on Decoded Science

Magnetic Brain Stimulation Shown To Increase Speech Skills Of Stroke Victims
Stroke patients who have parts of their brain stimulated with a magnetic coil prior to taking part in made three times as much progress than those who did not undergo the procedure, according to research recently published … Read more on RedOrbit

Hillsborough paramedics 'failed to deliver adequate care' to stroke victim
TAMPA — A Tampa man who died from a stroke that went untreated at Hillsborough County jails should never have been incarcerated, but instead taken to a medical facility, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue officials concluded in a review of the agency's … Read more on


Breakthrough stroke treatment – Thu 30/05/2013: A new treatment for stroke patients, focusing on managing post-stroke blood pressure, is set to increase their chances of recovery See more a…


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