Our Family's Criminal Past

Our family's criminal past
It was a serious depression. I would go as far as to say they were criminals not by design, but by necessity – to survive. People around them were dying of poverty and starvation, and for a family of 15 there was almost no other choice. But they did … Read more on The Guardian

How I'm Surviving in Survival Mode During a Severe Depression Relapse
This piece was originally written in February 2014 and published on xoJane.com. Over the past several months, it had been easy justifying why I had been tired, a bit anti-social and melancholy. A hectic work schedule, feeling run down, and family … Read more on Huffington Post

For 98-Year-Old Artist, Every Mural Must 'Be A New Adventure'
It was during the Depression, and when he demanded that he get sent to art school, he remembers his parents said: "Well he'll do one year and he'll come back so discouraged that we'll make something else out of him." "But that didn't happen," Bransby says. Read more on North Country Public Radio


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