Parkland School Division Names 2014 Edwin Parr Award Nominee

Parkland School Division names 2014 Edwin Parr Award nominee
In addition to offering intramural activities for students from K-9, Boudreau had a strong hand in the organization and execution of the school's Jump Rope for Heart event. “She organized (the event) from the ground up so … “The event was a great … Read more on Spruce Grove Examiner

The Dangerous Myth That Only White Women Get Eating Disorders
It wasn't until Ortega's anorexia escalated into cutting and bulimia at 15 that anyone really took notice—she was hospitalized after accidentally overdosing on diet pills and nearly suffered a stroke. Doctors diagnosed Ortega with bulimia, and she … Read more on Slate Magazine

This Chart Will Take You From Grumpy To Happy In Just A Few Minutes
… and a little bit of work — truly just a click away. Still not convinced you're a few moments away from turning around your grumpy demeanor? We dare you not to smile after you go through the chart below. Interactive by Alissa Scheller for the … Read more on

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