PART 2/5 – 4/10/2008 – KGIL-Dr. Drew Pinsky on Scientology


PART 2/5 – 4/10/2008 – KGIL-Dr. on Scientology –…


Dr. Drew's Daughter on Overcoming Eating Disorders
Dr. Drew Pinsky's daughter Paulina Pinsky sat down with ET's Rob Marciano following her brave decision to go public with her seven-year battle with anorexia and bulimia. Paulina, 21, wrote about her struggles in a blog post last fall, revealing that … Read more on Entertainment Tonight

Hitting Bottom
But moments later, when I checked back in with Sizemore, the entire screen had lighted up: Dr. Drew Pinsky had entered the frame. Dr. Drew edged up to the pajama-clad Sizemore, bent over his bed to draw some blood and then left — only to appear the … Read more on New York Times

Santa Monica-based Prostate Cancer Foundation welcomes Drew Pinsky to
“After my personal battle with prostate cancer, I decided to join forces with PCF to help spread the word about its researchers' latest life-saving breakthroughs,” Pinsky said. “PCF's commitment to curing prostate cancer has accelerated discoveries … Read more on Westside Today

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