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Philadelphia Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer – Rehab.


Believe in a Way Back: Johnny Quinn
As a physical therapist at Magee who works with spinal cord patients, it is remarkable to meet someone who was able to be so physically competitive so soon after injury, as many people at this point are still learning basic mobility skills. Johnny has … Read more on (blog)

My Suspicions About “Curing” Down Syndrome
After all, who's in favor of spinal cord injuries? What's wrong … She's often slow and deliberate in processing things: this morning in she stared and stared at the Connect Four board until she delightedly put the black checker … Read more on Patheos (blog)

Midseason NFL Injury Review
There aren't easy answers when it comes to reducing the number of injuries in the NFL, but the defeatism and anti-science bias has to be overcome. While injuries …. If Maclin is comfortable with how his rehab was handled, a one-year deal is possible … Read more on Bleacher Report

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